Achinosalata (Sea urchin salad)

The sea urchin, achinos, is an echinoderm, small, black and spiky, found in all the world’s oceans. The edible meat is the roe from the female sea urchin. Traditionally, in Greece, the achinos is eaten freshly opened with just a squeeze of lemon. The following recipe adds a little extra to this wonderfully fresh sea-flavoured delicacy.


Roe from 10-15 sea urchins
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Juice from 1 lemon
1 pinch of sea salt
3-4 coriander seeds, crushed


To remove the roe from the inside of the sea urchin, using rubber gloves and scissors, cut around the base (the soft opening) in a circular direction. Remove the liquid and viscera. Carefully remove the roe that is lightly attached to the shell.

In a medium-sized plate lay out the roe in one layer, ensuring they don’t overlap each other. Drizzle the roe with oil, lemon juice, salt and crushed coriander. Serve